Pickle Masala

It has been tradition in India to eat food with prepared pickle other than vegetable from generations. Pickle which is made ones can be used for several months. Pickle is made up several things. Mainly it is made of unripe mango, gunda, ker, lemon and chilli. The Indians prepare the mixture of 8 to 10 spices to prepare pickle. Marudhar Pickle Masala makes the best mixture of those 10 spices available to you. You can use your delicious pickle by using it for long time.

Ingredients for Pickle Masala:-

Fennel Seeds, Mustard Pulses, Fenugreek Pulses, Red Chilli, Salt, Turmeric, Dry Mango, Asafoetida, Nigella Seeds.

How to make Pickle Masala:-

First we clean all spices. Then mash fennel seeds and mix all the spices. After mixing add little mustard oil and mix again. Then send it to packing.


Available In
200 Gm

5 pes.