Chhola Chana Masala

Chhola Chana is the most popular variety in India. It is served in marriage, celebrations and festivals in different-different ways. Tasty, spicy and fragrant curry can be prepared of chhola chana by using Marudhar Chhola Chana Masala. It is a perfect mixture of 12 spices. It is more popular in north India.

Ingredients for Chhola Chana Masala Powder:-

Black Pepper, Clove, Caraway , Cumin, Black Cardamom, Red Chilli Powder, Coriander, Kachari, Pomegranate Seeds, Black Salt and Salt.

How to make Chhola Chana Masala Powder:-

First we clean all spices. After we fry all spices except cardamom until the spices give off the aroma. When the spices cool we include cardamom. And then we grind all the spices in low grinding technology. Then send it to packing after filtering.


Available In
50 Gm

12 pes.