Chilli Powder

Chilli Powder is a hot and strong spice. It is commonly used in each and every vegetable. It is used to bring bitterness in food. It makes the colour of food fine. Red Chilli powder is an essential part in Indian food. Red Chilli is grown in Andhra Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Karnataka and Tamilnadu in India. Most of the Chilli Grown in Guntur. Bedagi (Karnataka) is famous for less pungent Chilli. Chilli is mostly used as powder in India.


1) Cleaning:

When Chilli comes from market into factory farms soil, stones, stalk, pebbles included with Chilli. Before grinding it’s necessary to out all these.

Those way women clean Chilli and extract all the waste material from it. After clean the Chilli we send it to grind.

 2) Grinding:

After cleaning we grind the root into a fine powder using pulverizer.
A Chalna before the pulverizer for remove rest dust.

We have grinding machine is base on Low Grinding Technology.

By this quality of spices is stand as it is.

3) Oiling and Filtering:

After grinding its necessary to mix oil in the Chilli. That way no possibility of web fall in it.
We can use it till long time and its colour also blossom.

For this pure and refined mustard oil mix in the Chilli by mixer.
After this it’s filter by sieve and send to packaging.

4) Packaging:

After ready the Chilli we pack it in three layer pouch and cloth sac.

Despite the three layer pouch Chilli does not defective till long time and does not to fall black.

Packaging do in clean and hygienic atmosphere by modern machinery.


Available In
100 Gm, 200 Gm, 500 Gm 

Outer Bag
10 kg.

Available In
1 Kg

Outer Bag
0 kg.

Available In 
5 Kg, 10 Kg

Outer Bag
40 kg