Who we are

Marudhar Masale warmly welcomes you in the world of pure and tasty, powdered and ground spices. We have been providing to our customers, high quality spices from past 8 years. Our motto is to provide satisfaction to our customers and to get maximum returns, because webelieve in quality not in quantity. Our products are famous for their high quality in the whole area. The spices are preparedwithlow grinding technology and high safety parameter (criteria) which are totally hygienic. The company is accredited with the symbol of purity “AGMARK” from the Government of India in September, 2004. Marudhar Masale provides high quality and hygienic spices with homemade taste.

Marudhar Masale was founded in Balotra in March 2003. As beginners, we wereinexperienced about the know-how of spices butour firm perseverance led us to enter the market with and become recognizablename in the spice market segment. The company’s mission statement istomake Marudhar a synonym of quality.

We have taken special care and the service of expert for the better. The selection process of the raw materials is executedunder expert supervision and with special care. The companyconducts schemes for their customers from time to time.

The production capacity if the company initially was 18-20 quintal per month which has grown up to 250 quintal per month with the cooperation of the customers, high quality and with the grace of God. We hope to raise the production in future by leaps and bounds. As the company stared only with 3-4 products but now company has 12 to 13 products in the market and raise its products in future.

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